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Our Session

The Session is the governing group of the local church. Its members are elected by the members of the congregation to serve for a period of three years and have responsibilities for overseeing all areas of the business, ministries and worship of the church. Our congregation has three classes of Session members, as listed below.

Class of 2016: Rich Bruder and Bennett Ross

Class of 2017: Ann Dietz and Judy Galey (Clerk of Session)

Class of 2018: James Sanford, Riddle Smith and Doris Whisnant


Our Musical Staff

Mary Lou Furr: pianist and choir director
Rachel Marler: organist

Quaker Meadows Presbyterian Church | 2698 NC Highway 181 | Morganton, NC 28655
Rev. Yvonne M. Thurmond, Pastor | 828-433-4845 | yvonnethurmond@att.net